Keeping Dalworthington Gardens Pools Clear & Blue
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Dalworthington Gardens Texas Swimming Pool Maintenance Company

Our Partial Pool Service Plan

Dalworthington Gardens pool owners can enjoy a healthy, blue swimming environment all year with our Partial Pool Maintenance Plan. The bulk of the service responsibilities are taken care of by us, you simply need to run your pool equipment, maintain the correct water level, net/vacuum, and contact us of any pool problems or concerns. The Partial Maintenance Plan is ideal for customers who have a little extra time in their week to take care of the vacuuming and netting (a task we handle ourselves in the Full Maintenance Plan).

The chart below illustrates the maintenance duties for the Partial Plan. "What we do" vs "What you do". You can upgrade at anytime to our Full Maintenance Plan to shorten the "What you do" list a little bit.

Partial Maintenance Plan for Dalworthington Gardens Texas

Note: You can switch your pool Maintenance Plan from Partial to Full (and vice versa) on any month you wish. This offer is available to all homeowners in Dalworthington Gardens.

From October until March 1st (Fall to Springtime) we offer the option of twice a month pool maintenance.

We Also Provide Filter Cleanings

Did you know a filter cleaning is necessary for most residential pools in DFW? This is because 98% of home swimming pools are either cartridge, DE, or a combination of the two. We charge $129 for filter cleanings to customers on our weekly maintenance plans, which usually involves a filter cleaning to be scheduled every 3 to 4 months.